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The Island

SAMOS ISLAND is one of the larget islands in the east Aegean. While Lesvos is the jewel of eastern Aegean, SAMOS is the rough-cut diamond. Samos, 490km2 in area. A strip of sea only a few kilometres wide seperates it from Turkey. The name SAMOS seems to derive from the very ancient root SAMA - which is related to heights and is justified by the island’s high mountain.

Kataraktes Heraion Monastery Marathocampos

You should visit unique archaeological sites such as the Sanctuary of the Goddess Hera at Heraion, the Evpalinion Tunnel, The Polycratian perimeter wall, the Ancient Theatrem as well as the Roman Baths in Pythagorio. You can also visit the Archaeological Collection in Pythagorio, the Paleontological Museum in Mitilinaei, the Monastery of Timos Stavros in Mavratzaei and the Monastery of Megali Panagia in Koumaradhaei.

Traditional crafts and products such as ceramics, carpets, honey and fragrant plans can also be found throughout the local stores of Samos island.